Estate Home in Bellingham’s Silver Beach Neighborhood

Welcome to 5205 Silver Beach Ave in Bellingham, Washington. This 4 bedroom, 4.75 bath home was just listed for sale for $659,999. Looking for that perfect setting? Look no further than this spacious custom home on an estate setting of 2.39 private acres with peaceful views of the surrounding mountains. Add to it a living room/atrium with 18′ ceilings, dramatic loft walk ways, patios for outdoor entertaining, a sunny yard to delight anyone with a Green Thumb, a 3 car garage/shop that even has radiant floor heating, a completely self-contained apartment for friends & relatives and you have a dream come true.

Taxes: $8,036

View: Lake, Territorial

Lot Size: 2.39 Acres (104,108 SqFt)

Garage Size: 5 Car

Exterior: Cement/Concrete, Stone

Fireplaces: 1 Fireplace

Heating/Cooling: Radiant

Roof :Composition Roof

Flooring: Ceramic Tile Floor, Laminate, Slate Floor, Vinyl Floor, Wall to Wall Carpet

School Information

District: Bellingham School District

Elementary Carl Cozier

Junior High Kulshan Middle School

High Sehome High

For additional information, photos and a virtual tour of 5205 Silver Beach Ave visit our website. We are also available by phone toll free at 1-888-713-3056.

Is Your Garage A Disaster? Tips for Cleaning Up Your Garage Mess

Is your garage looking like a messy storage shed? Here’s some great tips to help you get your garage organized and looking better,

1. Empty it. Take everything out and, starting with the first item you remove, sort each one into piles that will: 1. stay in the garage, 2. be put elsewhere in the house, 3. go into a garage sale, or 4. get thrown out.

2. Clean it. When the garage is completely empty, use a shop vac. Then hose the floor with the nozzle on its most powerful setting. Start at the back and spray into the driveway. Push pooled water out with a broom. Leave the door open and let the place dry.

3. Add storage units. Look at the pile of things going back into the garage and install the shelves, bins, drawer units, bike racks, and hooks you need to store them. Create a place for everything. Just your car and heavy equipment like a lawnmower should take up floor space.

4. Bring in only what’s necessary. Put back the things that truly need to be there. Be merciless. If you think “maybe I’ll want this someday,” that item should be thrown out or go into the garage sale. Make sure things you use often, such as tools, are more accessible than seasonal items, such as holiday decorations.

Thanks to Sidney Stonecypher at People’s Bank  Home Loan Center for the great tips!

Bellingham and Whatcom County Real Estate Pending Ratios

Every week we keep track of how many homes are for sale around Bellingham and Whatcom County and how many of those homes have pending offers on them. Pending is the time frame between when an offer has been mutual accepted between the buyer’s and the seller’s of the home and when the title actually transfers hands. This give the buyer’s time to get the financing, do inspection, review the title reports and more.

As of Saturday, June 28th, the pending ratio in Bellingham was 27%. Click the links to view a report of how many homes are for sale in each area and price range and how many of them are pending showing just how active certain sectors of the market are.

Birch Bay has a pending ratio of 18%

The Ferndale pending ratio was 19%

The Lynden pending ratio was 26%

The Sudden Valley pending ratio was 24%

If you would like to search for Real Estate in Bellingham and Whatcom County that is currently for sale visit where you can search for homes for sale in Bellingham and real estate around Whatcom County.

Open House Today at 3116 Eldridge Ave, Bellingham! Just listed.

Just listed  for $419,000  is 3116 Eldridge Ave, Bellingham. In this  2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Eldridge Ave  home you can enjoy  the traditional look while also enjoying this newness & recent remodel. The accents with hardwood, tile & custom cabinetwork really make this home stand out from the rest. There is even a spa room opening to a gorgeous backyard all enclosed within a 6′ cedar fence making it totally private to the world around it. Whether you are a green thumb or not, this yard, splashed in color, will be a continuous source of pride. You are ideally located to shopping, parks, & beaches.

Features & Details:

Cabana/Gazebo, Cable TV, Fully Fenced, Hot Tub/Spa, RV Parking, Double Pane Storm Windows, Hot Tub/Spa

Taxes: $2,801

View: Bay

Lot Size: 0.20 Acre (8,712 SqFt)

Garage Size: 2 Car

Exterior: Metal/Vinyl, Wood

Fireplaces: 1 Fireplace

Heating/Cooling: Forced Air

Roof: Composition Roof

Flooring: Ceramic Tile Floor, Hardwood Floor, Laminate, Vinyl Floor, Wall to Wall Carpet

School Information

District: Bellingham

Elementary: Birchwood

Junior High:  Shuksan

High Squalicum High

Come visit Lylene Johnson today at 3116 Eldridge Ave in Bellingham today from 1:00-3:00pm to tour the home. You can also see more photos and information on our website or call (360) 303-2734 to schedule a showing.

Non Profit Moving Truck User of the Quarter: Lydia Place

Lydia Place is a nonprofit, community-based agency serving  homeless families since 1989. Lydia Place is an active participant in our community’s effort to end homelessness in Whatcom County.

Your referrals let us provide help to  Whatcom county  non-profit organizations who benefit our community.   Please think of us when a friend or relative talks about  moving – and tell your favorite non-profit to give us a call when they need a truck!

We received this wonderful thank you note from Lydia place thanking us for the use of the truck.

From Our Kitchen to Yours…. Raspberry Freezer Jam

Raspberry Freezer Jam from the kitchen of Fawn Morgan

The summer raspberry season is in full swing around Whatcom County and many of you maybe left with more berries than you know what to do with. One of my favorite ways to use up summer berries is by making jam. Here’s a quick and easy freezer jam recipe I wanted to share.


  • 3 cups prepped raspberries (Approx 6 cups fresh berries)
  • 5 1/4 cups sugar
  • 1 box pectin
  • 3/4 cup water


Crush berries, strain to remove seeds if desired. Measure exactly 3 cups of berries and combine with sugar. Let sit 10 minutes while stirring.

Mix water and pectin in small saucepan. Bring to boil. Cook for 1 min at boiling. Add to fruit mixture stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved and no longer grainy.

Pour jam into cleaned plastic containers w/ lids leaving 1/2 inch room at top. Store at room temperature for 24 hours before cooling.  Jam can be stored in the fridge for 3 weeks or the freezer for a year.

Team Talk

It is pretty crazy out there, but we are managing to keep up…and even do a few things for fun!

Rich & Lylene are having guests from the Midwest in September, so Lylene is looking at their house with new eyes (kind of like when you decide it’s time to sell) and making a list of all the things to be done.  The hot tub Rich was going to fix is gone, because the decking needs to be replaced, and while they’re doing that, the railings need to be pressure washed, and some of the deck furniture is pretty shabby, and that loose toilet seat has to be replaced, and the list just keeps growing.  It’s pretty busy around their house right now!  They have also been taking classes in real estate law and MLS rules and regs…it would be so much easier if things didn’t change so often!  At the same time, the ducks and all the other birds are visiting the pond and the first fawn showed up over the weekend.  Life is good.

Graham has been doing a 50 to 70 mile trail run every weekend, getting ready for the Tor Des Geants in September.  His dog, Mia, has been staying with Rich & Lylene more often…she isn’t quite up to those distances.

Summer has been wonderful at Sandy Point since school has been out. Lauren has been playing with the neighbor kids and looking forward to horse camp in August. But on her plate right now is a big pool party at our good friends, Mike, Julie and Vivi’s house. Lauren wants the theme to be a Luau so there have been plenty of days planning. Kim & Mike have both been working – with a little family fishing mixed in, and doing projects around the house. They have a new yard in the back so that has been fun for them and for Lauren’s knees when she doesn’t quite make a full cartwheel.

Fawn and her family have been busy working about their property doing lots of landscaping projects and clearing trails back in the woods for McKenna to ride her dirt bike. McKenna turned 4 a couple weeks ago and they celebrated with a birthday party at the Birch Bay waterslides.  It’s a busy time of year for marketing so Fawn has been in her office, but is hoping to get out and little more this   summer and enjoy some time out on their boat, camping and heading to some out of town race tracks.

We would love to hear what you have been up to this summer as well. Feel free to give us a call and catch up!

Summer Salmon Season in Bellingham and Marine Area 7

Your Reel Estate Fishing Report

It’s Here!!  The summer run season has opened. In Marine area 7 you can keep hatchery or native Chinook (1 a day) through September. This is a fabulous time of year. Then just around the corner on the 15th , certain areas open for crab. We love July !

On the fishing front since the opener- reports are spotty. We heard of a mid 30# fish down by Lopez Flats, a few fish at Waldron, a couple at Pt Thompson and we managed a few at Clarke & Barnes.. It is my secret spot so that is all the information that will be handed out. One of the fish was over 20# and it was caught by a great past client and neighbor Aaron Bagley. Look at the smile on his face. It was caught on the Onion flasher and a Irish Cream style spoon. This is going to be a huge year for fish. If you need a report, give us a call 360-303-2734. We are happy to help.

How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat WITHOUT Air Conditioning

The weather is really heating up this summer in the Pacific Northwest. There have been some unseasonably warm days already, with highs in the 80s, and the temptation to flick the switch on that A/C unit to “on”, if you have one is very strong. Before using the air conditioner, consider this: home cooling accounts for 5 percent of the energy we consume in the U.S. each year. That’s about 140 million tons of CO2 emissions annually! Here are some ways to fight that urge by keeping your house cooler naturally.

1. Keep the shades drawn during the day. When sunlight streams through the windows, it creates a miniature greenhouse effect in your home and warming it throughout the day.

2. Reflect the heat. If you do want to open the windows, consider investing in some reflective window film to help keep the heat outside where you want it to be.

3. Let the cool evening air in. If temperatures are on the chilly side after the sun goes down, crack a few windows open to let a breeze come through and cool the house. Just be sure to close them in the morning before the temperature starts to rise again!

4. Insulate! You want to keep cool air inside, so grab that caulk gun and seal off anywhere that air might be escaping. Also check the bottoms of your doors for draft and fix as necessary.

5. Get rid of incandescent lights. Not only do those they use more energy, they generate a lot more heat than CFL or LED light bulbs.

6. Make sure your ceiling fans are running counter clockwise. Most modern fans will have a little switch on the side to reverse their direction. You want the fan to go clockwise in winter to push warm air down and reverse it in the summer to circulate cool air.

Bellingham Real Estate Market Update July 2014

A Slower Market:  Aberration or the Future?

Overall residential sales in Whatcom County during the first half of 2014 dropped slightly compared to the first half of 2013; after a strong first quarter, sales in April through June couldn’t maintain the momentum.  Prices in most areas continued a slow rise, although they softened in Lynden & Nooksack Valley.  For several months, the chatter within the Northwest Washington real estate industry has been blaming slower sales on lack of inventory, but inventory in Whatcom County has been higher than the prior year for every month since last August while pending sales have been lower.

So the big question is, “Why have sales slowed down while prices have increased?”  The answer may be in the relative distribution of inventory and demand.  Take a look at the tables below.

Distribution of Sales:  Note the drop in the percentage of the market in the rows under $300,000 and up to $500,000 from 2013 to 2014.  Look at the average price changes in those rows.

Active Bellingham Listings. As noted below, on July 1st, 65.2% of the residential inventory in Bellingham was priced below $500,000, but 81.8% of the sales in June were in that price range.  On the other hand, 34.8% of the inventory was priced at or above $500,000, but just 18.3% of the sales were in that range.  Perhaps we are looking at an imbalance between what most people want to buy…and what is available.

So what does the crystal ball say about the future?

Demand will remain strong for homes less than $300,000, fueled by good interest rates, the return of out of area buyers and people feeling more stability in their jobs.  The sales in the under $300,000 range will contribute to the increases in the $300,000 to $500,000 range as sellers become buyers.  The difference between supply and demand in these price points will continue to gradually push prices higher.  Affordable new construction should be good, the market for fixers should pick up, and the solid, established, close to the core neighborhoods are going to do very well.  I see steady, incremental growth rather than a boom.       

Homes in the best condition, in the most desirable areas, at the best price, will sell fastest and for the most money.  The market is not going to get hot enough to sell a mediocre house for top dollar.  People will wait.

For questions on the Bellingham or Whatcom County Real Estate market feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-713-3056 or email us at