12 Tips to Improve Your Online Security

Thanks to Sidney Stonecypher at People’s Bank for these online security tips!


Install updates immediately. They often patch the latest viruses.

Get anti-virus software for all devices.

Watch devices. Hackers install spyware in under 30 seconds.

Strengthen passwords. Use caps and lower case, numbers, punctuation marks. Write in an address book. If hacked, change passwords. Never re-use passwords.

Get two-factor authentication. Adds an extra step at log-in, usually sends a text with a code. You’ll know if anyone tries to log in from another device.

Avoid free Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi draws hackers. Make your smartphone a password-protected mobile hotspot and connect.

Keep data to yourself. Don’t store credit card info and passwords on sites or browsers. Enter it each time.

Don’t click on a link in an email or text, even from someone you know (hackers hijack contacts). Hover your mouse over link, or copy and paste it into a search engine, to see where it goes.

Don’t download unexpected attachments. Call sender first.

Back everything up. Use outboard hard drive, cloud service, or both. Then ransomware criminals can’t hold your data for ransom because you always have an up-to-date copy.

Use a credit monitoring service, such as EZ Shield, Identity Guard or Lifeflock. If hacked, freeze accounts at all three credit bureaus.

Slow down! Hackers love people in a hurry. Carefully check details.

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