Bellingham Lion's Club – Al Boe Lions Wheelchair Warehouse

Bellingham Lions Club Wheel Chair Program

The Johnson Team’s Truck is Again used by Community

The Bellingham Lions Club has used The Johnson Team’s truck for years at the Lynden Fair to pransport it’s fleet of wheel chairs from the Al Boe Lions Wheelchair Warehouse to the Lynden Fairgrounds.  The Lions Club will be providing Lynden Fair Attendees with access to wheel chairs again this year.  If you know a Lion Member, you’ll want to be sure to thank them for this valuable community service.

The Bellingham Lions Club uses The Johnson Team Truck

Lions Club Resize

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If your community event could use the our  truck, give us a call.  You can access information   on-line about it’s use at The Johnson Team Moving Truck


  1. Jason says:

    That’s great to see. Not enough people do things like this anymore. It is really sad to say, but it is the truth. We live in a very inconsiderate society nowadays. Thanks for everything everyone does and keep up the awesome work.