2844 Lake Whatcom Boulevard Open House

Stop by today from 1 to 3. It’s a great setting, fun house and gorgeous waterfront.

Taylor Street Dock Bellingham Wa


Good Morning from The Johnson Team in Bellingham WA.

Lake Whatcom Get Away


Welcome to 2488 Lake Whatcom Boulevard. The price has just been reduced on this gorgeous Lake Whatcom Retreat to $550,000. It includes a wonderfully remodeled chalet, a dock, one of the few boat houses / marine railways on the lake, about 200′ of no bank waterfront and almost 1/2 acre of uplands. View photos @ www.RealEstateShows.com/59909

Open House at 508 14th St


The view from our Open House on South Hill. We’ll be until 3:00 this afternoon

Run the Bay… Bellingham Bay Marathon

Runners are just crossing the finish line

Run the Bay —- Bellingham Bay Marathon

The runners are just beginning to come into the Finish Line in downtown Bellingham.  Come experience the natural beauty of Bellingham Bay, San Juan Islands, mountain views and a touch of trail in Bellingham, Washington. Enjoy what many runners have commented is “the most beautiful marathon in the Pacific Northwest.”

Stop by and join in the fun as the action will be going on for several hours.

My Fair Lady Plays at The Mt Baker Theatre

My Fair Lady Plays at The Mt Baker Theatre

My Fair Lady Plays at the Mt Baker Theatre

Be prepared for an entertaining evening at the Mt Baker Theatre as Professor Henry Higgins & his side kick Colonel Pickering transform guttersnipe Eliza Doolittle into a genteel lady.  The performance of My Fair Lady is  fun for young an old alike with wonderful music, a cast that some of you may recognize & a story that is timeless.

The good news is that there is another showing this evening so you still have time to buy your tickets.

Enjoy – I know we sure did.

REI Bellingham WA Gently Used Equipment Sale

REI Bellingham WA Gently Used Equipment Sale

Slighty Used Equipment Sale today at Bellingham REI

Slighty Used Equipment Sale today at Bellingham REI

You have got to get up pretty early to be the 1st in line at REI Bellingham’s “Used Equipment Sale”.  These avid shoppers have been camped out on the sidewalk since midnight waiting for the doors to open.  When I checked in with them this morning, they were all grins in anticipation of the bargains to be had.

Congratulations REI Bellingham for a great store & terrific shopping experience.

Welcome to 19 Eliza Island / Eliza island

Welcome to 19 Eliza Island

Imagine,if you can, a lifestyle to include endless beaches for exploring, interesting neighbors like killer whales, eagles & hummingbirds, ever changing world class views, roads without traffic lights & center lanes navigated only by bicycles & golf carts, quiet interrupted by saltwater lapping at your doorstep, trails & secret coves for kids of all ages and privacy that you’d expect only in the remotest of locations.  It could all be yours and it’s only minutes out of Bellingham.

19 Eliza Island - Our Private Retreat for almost 30 Years

The Heart of Eliza Island - The Community Dock

For a complete on-line tour to include maps, historical photos of Eliza, video of a landing at the Eliza Island airfield, a welcome note from the owners,  travel and access options and even an introduction to Eliza’s 1 hole golf course, you’ll want to be sure to view our “Virtual Movie Theater”.  Sit down, grab a bag of popcorn & enjoy the experience.

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Northwest Economic Council Sponsors WA Income Tax Workshop

Northwest Economic Council Sponsors WA Income Tax Workshop

?'s about Income Tax - Attend a FREE Workshop

?'s about Income Tax - Attend a FREE Workshop

The WA State Dept of Revenue is hosting free tax workshops in Bellingham that will go over the basics of Washington State taxes. As a small business or new business owner, attending a workshop will help you understand your tax reporting responsibilities.

Attend a Business Outreach workshop to learn the basics of Washington State taxes. This free workshop will help you understand your tax reporting responsibilities. Tax reporting classifications, deductions, sales tax collection, and recordkeeping requirements will be discussed. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions regarding taxes that apply specifically to your business

The Workshop is being held Tuesday Mar. 13, 2012 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM at WSP/DOT Conference Room, 3920 Airport Way For questions, call the Northwest Economic Council (EDC) at 360 676 4255 or register at 360 594 4849.

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Support WWU / Support Western's Engineering Proposal

Support Western’s Engineering Proposal

As many of you know, our son Graham recently graduated from WWU.  His degree is in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.  While WWU offers an Engineering Technology degree, they do not have a mandate from the State Legislature to offer a bachelor degree in Engineering.  There is a proposal on the table that would allow them to transition to full Engineering status.  This proposal would have huge benefits to WWU, it’s Graduates ie: your sons & daughters, the community & the State.

Support Western Washington University

Support Western Washington University

I just received this notice from TAG, Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington.  TAG informs, represents & connects Whatcom area technology businesses & professionals.

As a parent, business person & residence of Whatcom County, I would ask you to read this information & act on it.

On February 14, TAG posted a letter from Western Washington Universityannouncing their proposal to the legislature to transition Western’s Engineering Technology programs to full Engineering status.

You may be aware that business and industry leaders across the state have advocated for more college graduates with bachelor degrees in Engineering. Washington will demand 282,140 STEM jobs by 2018, requiring a 24 percent increase in training; 7 percent above the national average (and 3rd overall). Western Washington University represents the most cost‐effective way to help meet that need.  Whatcom County already has a need for more engineers, and our need is growing.

Governor Gregoire included $7.6 million in her 2012 State Supplemental Budget to be divided between the University of Washington and Washington State University to address this concern. Western Washington University was not included in the Governor’s budget, but the legislature could choose to include funding for Western in its budget.

Western would add an additional 85 to 100 Engineering graduates to the state total every year if the upgrade is made to move these three programs from Engineering Technology to industry-ready Engineering Degree status.

You can help make a difference.  Send your letter of support today and make your voice heard.  You can use the talking points that Western provided to make letter-writing easy.  Then visit their Action Page where you can enter your address and quickly email your letter to all relevant representatives in just a few clicks.

It’s that easy!

But please, act quickly.  The vote could happen as soon as this weekend.  There’s no time to waste, simply:

1. Visit the talking points page to craft your letter: http://tagnw.org/Resources/Documents/2012-02%20Engineering%20Letter%20Talking%20Points.pdf

2. Visit the Action Page to enter your address and send your letter to your representatives: http://wfc2.wiredforchange.com/o/8502/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=8413



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