Bellingham and Whatcom County Real Estate Update

A Mixed Bag

If you drop a dozen ping-pong balls on a somewhat rough surface, what happens?  In my experience, they go every which way, none of which are predictable.  It is somewhat like the real estate market right now…some areas are up, some are down, some are up one month and down the next.  Trying to make some sense out of it month by month can be really frustrating.

Let’s start this report by looking at who went up and who went down, but then we’re going to talk about trendlines

Bellingham’s September home sales were up strongly from last year in terms of number of homes sold, but the prices dropped – 14% for the average and 12.5% in the median – and that tended to be the pattern throughout most of the county.  Only Lynden saw the number of sales drop, but they came off an incredible increase in August.  Birch Bay/Blaine was the only area where average and median prices were higher than a year ago – by about 7.8%.  Over all, September had the 3rd highest number of home sales in Whatcom County so far in 2011.

As the table below demonstrates, the distribution of sales across price ranges in Bellingham continued to stay heavy on the lower end.  In fact, nearly all the additional sales over last year were below $300,000. This, in itself, pulls down both the average and the median prices.


Bellingham Sales Distribution

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