Bellingham Real Estate Update

Every week we keep track of how many homes are for sale around Bellingham and Whatcom County and how man of those homes have pending offers on them. Pending is the time frame between when an offer has been mutual accepted between the buyer’s and the seller’s of the home and when the title actually transfers hands. This give the buyer’s time to get the financing, do inspection, review the title reports and more.

As Saturday, February 23rd the pending ratio in Bellingham was 33% . Click the links to view a report of how many homes are for sale in each area and price range and how many of them are pending showing just how active certain sectors of the market are.

Birch Bay had a pending ratio of 20%

The Lynden area in East Whatcom County has a pending ratio of 30%

The Ferndale pending ratio was 24%

The Sudden Valley pending ratio was 42%

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