Boost the Environment, Recycle Your Fridge!

31062081 - old refrigerator in cozy room

Not only does it benefit you to get a new fridge (less energy consumed), but it can also be a big benefit when you recycle through the PSE appliance recycling program. 

Since the start of the program in 2007, PSE customers have recycled more than 58,000 units. Here’s what that means for the environment:

  • Over 8.8 million pounds of metal, plastic and glass recycled and kept out of landfills
  • 434,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided, which equals nearly 47,000 homes’ energy use for one year
  • 25,000 tons of ozone-depleting-substance emissions avoided

PSE, for a limited time, is currently offering a double rebate for a recycled fridge of $50 when you schedule free pickup and recycling of your old fridge before June 1st.

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