Mike’s “Reel” Estate Fishing Report for the San Juans

IMG_0127Winter Salmon fishing has started!

Easy Limits on the northern end of the San Juan Island region. Everywhere has been productive- Pt Thompson, Sucia, Alden Bank and West Beach of Orcas Island. These fish are generally small this time of year. In the derbies that happen, there is always a 18-22 lber but it seems like the fish sizes get down into the low teens quickly after the first 10 fish.

We have been using flashers and spoons and the Chinook seem to be all over them. For the Johnson Teams 29 Trophy- Its just out of storage and headed to the Roche Harbor Salmon Derby. And possibly to the Friday Harbor Derby in February.  Work seems to be getting in the way of fun. Busy times, but we are grateful.

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Mike’s “Reel” Estate Fishing Report

ScottyThe late summer Chinook fishery was really pretty good. Up until about August 15th it seemed like we could come close or get a limit. Then it was just like a light switch went off in the northern San Juans, and the fish  just wouldn’t bite. All the local hot spots were not producing, Thompson, Alden, Village and Sucia – then they just were gone.

It was interesting though as the Killer Whales seemed to be in the area more frequently than usual. This picture here of Scotty was taken while we were at Alden. The pod was there fishing as well.  The season was over at the end of September and does not re-open until January 1 2018. Typically, it had closed just for the month of November it seems. That’s ok, the fish will be bigger and will give a couple weeks pre-fishing for the Roche Harbor Derby. This derby takes place January 19th – January 21st 2018 . It sold out the 100 spots in early October, but there is a waiting list. Get on it as spots often open up. The Johnson Team 2902 Trophy is in so look for photos on the blog to come in January!

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Mike’s “Reel” Estate Fishing Report

The July cImage-8hinook fishery in Marine area 7 North has been wonderful. The limit was 2 hatchery chinook until July 22 then the emergency change came in with a lowering of the limit to 1. That really shows just how many fish were caught. It has been excellent. The largest hatchery fish landed on The Johnson Team trophy was about 15 lbs..Bigger fish to come as we get into August. Plus the regulations allow the keeping of a native Chinook. (this is identified as the adipose fin has not been removed). Plus, crabbing is open in some parts of area 7 and opens up in the Sandy Point area August 17th . I feel a Crab-alanche coming. Juicy Dungeness Crab straight from the water, into the cooker and onto the platter. There is nothing better. If you need a current Fishing report, just give the fishing hotline a call at 360-303-2734 and remember to always check the WDFW website for current closures and updates.

“Reel” Estate Fishing Report

Pic for fishing report april 2017The Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife has opened the Winter Chinook Salmon Season until the end of April. On the re-opening weekend, we managed to snag a few beautiful fish in the 10-12lb range. These winter Blackmouth are some of the best eating fish available in the Puget Sound. The earlier season opened Dec 1 but was shut down, the fish were just too small.

Up next is halibut and ling cod in May. These 2 fisheries can draw a crowd. When the confirmed seasons are set, we will post the Fishing Calendar on line, for your viewing pleasure.

This gorgeous fish caught by Aaron on a green UV flasher and Les Davis spoon. It’s the color of the Seattle Seahawk’s uniforms. The salmon just cannot stay away from it, and seem to be bigger fish that go after that spoon.

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“Reel” Estate Fishing Report for Marine Area 7

mike-fishIn Marine Area 7 North, it was an interesting summer. Typically, the fish in the northern islands are pretty scarce come the end of August and first part of September. But this time frame was the hot time this year.

The fish we landed were never very big, but they were plentiful in September. Now the word on the street is that the Blackmouth Salmon are starting to show. This could be a really good sign as the weather has generally been mild and these fish are delicious. There are a few derbies on the horizon including the  Resurrection Derby in Anacortes and the Friday Harbor Derby on San Juan Island. Both of these are in December. Then the largest derby of the year is held in January: the Roche Harbor Salmon Classic. These all draw quite a crowd. It sounds like the fish being caught now are in the 5-7 lb range—so come January, they could be pretty good sized. Tight Lines and see you on the water.

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“REEL” ESTATE Fishing Report

The opFishener did happen for the July Chinook Fishery in area 7 (San Juans).  There was a 2 hatchery Chi
nook limit and fishing has been really spotty. There was worry there wouldn’t be a season with the lack of fish projected for the area. Several fisherman reported dismal catches for the latest fishing derby. The winning fish was in the 22lb range and the number of weighed fish had to be down from years past.

Point Thompson on the north side of Orcas all the way down to Racoon Pt did hold some fish but they were all in the 8-10 lb range.

Oh and don’t forget the limit for Spot Prawns is 160 per person in area 7 west. ( Be sure and check current regulations)

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Mike’s Reel Estate Fishing Report

MarFishine Area 7 North is open, this means the Reel Estate can make the way out to the Salmon grounds. The weather has been limiting for days on the water. It seemed like all the way to Christmas the wind would not drop below 20 mph, but when it did, the boat left the dock. The average fish catching time has been about 15 min per take down. The fish have been smaller than years past . The biggest to date has been 12 lbs and all our fishing has been on the north end where historically the fish are bigger. Hopefully they all eat up and gain some weight. February can produce some whoppers! (if the season is still open) – If you need a current report, give The Johnson Team Hotline a call at 360-303-2734

Tight Lines !

Mike Bredeson’s “Reel Estate” Fishing Report

Don’t let October fool you! This is a great month to pick up a fresh Blackmouth Salmon. One of the best lures we have found is the small Irish Flag- that little bugger is a killer.

Its green, white and orange in color look for it at your favorite sporting good shop. With the “Reel Estate” boat heading out of Sandy Point we just hit Alden Bank, Pt Thompson on Orcas or “The Flats” at Sucia, limits usually follow. This is also a great month to anchor at Matia for a brisk walk or tie to the dock at Sucia to enjoy a picnic. Traffic is down this time of year and it’s very peaceful. If you need a fall tip or two to catch dinner, ,just give the Johnson Team Hotline a call at 360-303-2734, we’d be happy to help!

Mike’s Reel Estate Fishing Report for Marine Area 7

Yeah, it’s July! The Chinook fishery for Marine area 7 is open. The season has started with a bang too.

Look at these large fish caught on Dick & Diane’s Trophy on opening day. We landed 4 fish, 2 at Pt Lawrence and 2 on the east side of Blakely Island. The fishing was so good we even had a chance to go in for lunch at the Blakely Marina. Since the 1st the tides have been pretty steep so mid month the great fishing should be back.

Crabbing is going on down south and that season starts in Bellingham mid July and out around Sandy Point and Birch Bay in August. Happy fishing to all and if you need the current report- Just give The Johnson Team fishing hotline a call. 360-303-2734

Mike’s “Reel Estate” Fishing Report

Get Ready To Fish the waters off of Bellingham, Sandy Point and the San Juan Islands!

The dates are out for the halibut and prawn season. Halibut will be open for total of 11 days in May. The dates Fish and Wildlife has chosen are: May 8,9,15,16,21-24,28-30. For Shrimp the dates are May 2nd , 13-16th, 20-23rd and May 27th-30th. Here’s an easy visual calendar of the season dates

Click to enlarge and print

We are all anxious to get out and fish this spring. The salmon season was expected to go until April but was cut short in February, leaving us all anxious to get out and fish while we have the chance.

Tight lines to all and if you need tips for any of the openings – give The Johnson Team Hotline a call – 360-303-2734. We are happy to help.