Happy Thanksgiving!

Blue Heron

Around Thanksgiving we all take a moment to think about all we have to be thankful for. In looking back on our lives, Lylene & I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. One of which is the place that our Family has called home for the past 100+ years – namely Whatcom County.

One of my favorite spots is Lake Padden. I try to fit in a walk around the lake as often as I can & the other day was able to snap this photo of a resident Blue Heron fishing on the dock. It once again, enforced the idea of what a very special place it is that we call “Home” & made me thankful that the Blue Heron was sitting at the edge of Lake Padden fishing & not at the edge of our pond eyeing out goldfish or koi.

As we approach this Thanksgiving Day, Lylene & I give thanks for all the people who contribute to our lives. We are grateful for our friends, family, and clients who not only support us, but bring me laughter, joy, mental stimulation, challenges, and triumphs. And of course, we’re thankful for all who give us the opportunity to earn an income and do our part in the world.
Since you are one of those people – we give thanks for you.

From our house to your house – Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s the Johnson Team Been Up To?

team1bWow – the past few months have been fast & furious for Lylene & I! Most noteworthy have been the times we have been able to connect up with our kids. Graham, as you may know, has moved to Hood River & is working with an engineering firm building drones for Boeing. Having driven there through the Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia traffic & surviving the journey, I told Lylene that the next time we go, we are flying to Portland & renting a car for the 1 hour drive to Hood River. It’s a sure sign of getting old I guess, but that drive is about as bad as it gets in my opinion. Anyway, once there (we have gone twice) we ate, laughed, hiked & joked our way through the week-end. One of our hikes took us to the Eagle Creek area, where the most recent Columbia Gorge forest fires began. While tragic in itself, perhaps it will help people understand how fragile this place we call home really is.
Chandler and Sophie are living in Norway & he is flying to all corners of the world so it’s hard to say exactly where he will be from one day to the next. That said, he called us up the other day & said “Hey, how about connecting up in London?” Of course it didn’t take much convincing on our part, so off we went. With Chandler in the lead, we explored it all – Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park – even got Lylene to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.
The unfortunate thing about both Chandler & Graham is that they remember “The Family Stories” & share them with great relish. Unfortunately, both their Mom & I, while maybe having vague recollections, can’t dispute all their claims with gusto.
We got back home just in time for Lylene to declare war on the poor mole that had been tearing up the lawn in our absence. Honestly, I think she tried every devise known to mankind, but to no avail. She even had a series of pinwheels strewn throughout the yard. Either the mole went into hibernation or got embarrassed with the whirling of the pinwheels & pulled up stakes, because there haven’t been any more telltale mounds of dirt in our yard. Oh well, if that is the extent of the drama at the Johnson household drama.

Mike, Kim And Lauren are already started out the fall season with trips all over the county. Lauren is in  now already in 8th grade at  Horizon Middle School. She competed in fast pitch  this year and have a great season with trips all over the county and lots of fun .  We are now switching gears and getting into Basketball season.  Parents love the indoor winter sports!

We managed to get in some great time on the boat last summer and early this fall before putting it into storage. It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already and the house already has its first set of holiday decoration set. Seems like this year just buzzed right by.

Fawn, Casey and McKenna probably had their busiest summer to date. McKenna competed in two racing series this year, quarter midgets at Skagit Speedway and Junior Sprints at Deming Speedway.  Her hard work and dedication paid off, she won the 2017 Season Championship in her class, winning 9 of the 11 races during the season. He sure keeps Casey and Fawn on their toes. The Morgans also completed lots of projects around their property this year, adding onto their shop, and doing landscape projects around the house.

From our family to yours we hope you have an amazing holiday season!

Team Talk

Johnson Team Full LogoMike, Kim, and Lauren have had a busy summer so far. Lauren has been playing fast pitch on the Whatcom Reign 14U team. For a while, it was tournaments every 2 weeks in Lacey. The team did great and won 2 tournament championships. They all played well together and had a great time. The last event was mid-July so after the family made a trip to Suncadia in Cle Elum and then a short trip to Leavenworth. The high lights were Ziplining and white-water rafting. What a blast and a little scary.  As the summer ends, there could be a few more trips to the east side for the last bits of sunshine.

Rich & Lylene have had an active spring and summer both in and out of the office.  Their first getaway took them to Victoria, BC for a weekend where they visited Butchart Gardens, Victoria’s Chinatown, a wonderful museum of Canadian history, and enjoyed High Tea at the Fairmont Empress (Rich tried to get Lylene to go someplace where they had draft beer & a dart board but she’d have none of it).  Then in July, they were in Washington, DC for a few days to meet son Chandler on his annual trip from Norway.  Graham was able to come this year as well, so they were all together for the first time in a long time.  Within days of coming home, they were off for 2 days with Graham in White Salmon, to watch a drone launch and recovery…pretty cool(Rich has a you tube video of it if any of you would like it, lethim know)!  In between all of this, Rich has been working hard at the office and Lylene has been pulling a lot of weeds at home (that’s why he’s spending so much time at the office)!

The Morgans have already had a crazy busy summer. McKenna has been racing her Junior Sprint Car at Deming Speedway on Friday evenings and her quarter midget Saturdays’s at Skagit Speedway. She has had 7 main event wins down there this year! They even snuck in a couple camping trips with friends down in the Concrete area, enjoying time playing in the creek, relaxing with friends and soaking up this amazing weather we have been having.

Enough about us! Let’s hear about you and your family. Shoot us and email or give us a call to catch up!



Team Talk!

team1bThe Bredeson household has been staying busy! Lauren just finished her 7th grade Volleyball season and really seems to be enjoying it. It almost sounds as though that will be the sport that she sticks with. Mike & Lauren did go down to see a Washington Huskie fast pitch game in March, and there was a twinkle in Lauren’s eye for that sport, so we will see.

Mike has been busy at work, but has managed a few trips out on the saltwater- and brought fish back for dinner and to share with clients. Golf season and the Men’s League at North Bellingham golf course is right around the corner- he can’t wait!!

Kim has been enjoying her gym membership taking advantage of Boot Camps and Yoga. She has also been spending lots of time with Nana (her mom Sue). They are working on a remodel of the family home in Everson, meeting contractors, and making choices. Sue is certainly excited and we all can’t wait for good weather and for Kim’s siblings to come into town this summer.

Rich & Lylene have taken advantage of the cold, snow, & rain to do some inside work… a bathroom remodel, a garage makeover (for Rich’s toys), & blinds in the living room (Rich could care less about them but Lylene is EXCITED).  Lylene has used the time she used to be at the office to get their income tax to the accountant early, get the little things done that Rich has put off for the last 10 years, and is now eager to spend time in the yard between rain storms.  For you “Fitbitters” out there, Rich has recently hit the 5000 mile marker.  Lastly he has dusted off his guitar & swears that this time he really will practice diligently.

The Morgans have already had an exciting Spring. McKenna is starting her first season racing at Deming Speedway in a Junior Sprint. As you might remember, Fawn was still actively racing at Deming when she first came to work at the Johnson Team 18 years ago. Sheesh,  we can’t believe it’s been that long. Fawn is really enjoying her new office space that Casey completed for her over the winter. She’s taking full advantage of her new  desk. Computer and software too while staying busy with Office Help Center.

Enough about us! Let’s hear about you and your family. Shoot us and email or give us a call to catch up!



Team Talk

moving-truckHope you all had a lovely holiday season! Here’s what’s new with Johnson Team Real Estate outside the office.

November 10th is the Marine Corps birthday, so Rich flew to New Hampshire for the annual gathering of guys he served with in Japan many years ago.  Lylene flew in a few days later, and they went on to Portland, Maine.  It is a seaboard town with a lot of history, great walkability and the best lobster ever…probably thanks to the local fishers.  From there they spent a few days in Boston and visited some favorite places like the Public Gardens as well as exploring some new venues.  Boston is one of those places one can visit multiple times…and always see something new.  Graham was home over Thanksgiving and for a couple of weeks at Christmas.  He has taken an engineering job with a firm down on the Columbia River, so they are looking forward to seeing him more often.

Fawn, Casey and McKenna had a lovely holiday season! They were able to sneak away to Leavenworth for a few days and enjoy some festive fun, including a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow. McKenna is now playing basketball in addition to racing and has even score some baskets in her game. Her winter racing series in going well in Monroe, where she is racing her Junior Spring and go-kart. They are all looking forward to warm summer nights at Deming Speedway where she will start racing in April.

They are also staying busy with projects around the house including moving McKenna to a larger room and converting her old room into a craft room and office.

The Holidays are over and the Bredeson household is returning to a sense of normalcy. And none too soon. Lauren was out of school a week early with the snowstorm that hit on December 9th. She had her “Big” first- teenage birthday party. Kids from all over came to the Sandy Point clubhouse for dancing and music. The kids had a blast with the black light party. It took a long time to set up – and even longer for the cleanup. But fun was had by all the kids.

Lauren is also enjoying the Ferndale Reign softball practices. They have their first game at an indoor field in February. All the kids are excited about that.  And the parents are too.

Kim and Mike have been dismantling the decorations and preparing for 2017. Landscaping is on the bucket list for the spring and a few trips planned as well. Perhaps Mike will fly to Hawaii sometime soon and a trip to see Kim’s sister in Las Vegas may be for the spring. This winter appears to want to be a cold one and a little sun , over the freezing mark would be great!

Many thanks for your support in 2016; we look forward to helping you with any real estate projects,questions or concerns in 2017.         


Team Talk- Learn What We Have Been Up To!

johnson-team-full-logoRich & Lylene’s summer was filled with family.  They met elder son, Chandler, in Washington D.C. in June, and then explored West Point and New York City before returning home.  Younger son, Graham, had a fast trip from Bristol Bay to Bellingham with a staph infection in July, so he and dog Mia were with Rich & Lylene for a few weeks while he recovered.  He is now back at MSU, taking graduate classes and teaching at Galatin Community College.  While Graham was still in Bellingham, Chandler, Sophie & dog Gypsy arrived and were in-and- out until the middle of September.  They are now back in Oslo, where Chandler is working on a research project & Sophie is working for the US State Dept.  It was a hectic, fun summer and was capped by Lylene’s retirement September 1st.  No worries…Rich & Mike are still in the office and doing great!


The Bredeson Family has been busy at the baseball fields with Lauren and her fast pitch team. This is her first year and  she has been learning so much: her cousin and aunt taught her the basics, she spent some time at the local indoor batting cages and practice facility, and now she is one of the pitchers on the 7th grade team!  She is meeting lots of new friends and really gaining some confidence.  Mike and Kim are very proud. Mike is excited for the upcoming winter salmon season while Kim is eagerly awaiting the upcoming holidays and is ready with decorations. Halloween is her favorite holiday with Thanksgiving coming in a close second.


Fawn, Casey and McKenna had a lovely summer and are enjoying the slower pace of fall! McKenna is a 1st grader this year and doing very well in school. They spent a majority of summer at the race track where McKenna brought home four main event wins and 16 top-five finishes in her quarter midget. They are gearing up for her winter kart series in Monroe and are excited to announce that McKenna will be moving on to racing at Deming Speedway next year. Never a dull moment at the Morgan household!


We love hearing your stories…so don’t hesitate to send us an email or to give us a call to bring us up to date on your family!


Team Talk!

White houseThe 2nd quarter of the year has been extremely busy for the Johnson Team, but we have managed to have some family fun along the way.  Rich & Lylene’s younger son, Graham, made the trip from Montana to cook Mother’s Day breakfast and came back in June to drop off his dog before he headed to Bristol Bay.  The end of June, Rich & Lylene headed east and connected with elder son, Chandler, in Washington, DC for a few days.  They have been there before, but there is always something new to visit.  They followed up with a couple of days at West Point (beautiful country) and a couple more in NYC, including a performance of Jersey Boys, which was   phenomenal!  It was great fun, but it’s good to be home.


Mike Kim & Lauren have had a busy first part of the summer. Lauren is heavy into Fast Pitch. She is taking lessons at the local facility called Inside Pitch. The lessons have really helped as this is year 1 for her learning the sport. The genetics do run in the family though. Kim’s Sister and niece are excellent players. The Bredeson’s are excited for the 7th grade season.


Kim’s been helping in the office and managing the household. Summer is busy at Sandy Point with lots of comings and goings. The Kayaks are getting some use and the sunsets are spectacular. Mike has been busy at work with the low inventory, its really a free for all when something hits the market. Staying by the phone is crucial to getting our buyers in a home. There have been a few fishing days, and fresh salmon has been cooked.


McKenna 5.15Fawn, Casey and McKenna have had a jam packed summer! McKenna has really taken to her quarter midget racing and has already won three main events this season including Skagit Speedway’s  Mini Dirt Cup. Not too bad for just turning six years old!  They have also been working on their 1956 nomad they got to Casey’s Father and getting it ready for a trip to Winthrop for a car show in September.  Although work has been keeping them close to home this summer they are planning a trip to Sun Lake in August and really looking forward to it!


We love hearing your stories…so don’t hesitate to send us an email or give a call to bring us up to date on your family!


Learn What We Have Been Up To Outside The Office!

Team Talk, April 2016

Rich and Lylene arteam1be still working on their garage, but the door is finally on, so progress is being made.  The project has expanded to adding a shower in a half bath, and will probably continue to grow.  The Mallard duck couple has returned to the pond and the mama deer have been out of sight for a while, so fawns will be showing up in the near future.  The yard is exploding with color.  This is their favorite time of year.

Lylene is off to Arizona for a few days for a reunion with 4 best friends from high school, and a Skype  session to include a member of the group now living in Austria.  It is truly amazing how technology can keep people connected.

Fawn , Casey and McKenna are enjoying a busy spring! McKenna has started racing quarter midgets and just completed a 7 week training course in Monroe. She will spend this spring and summer racing on dirt at Skagit Speedway and on asphalt in Monroe. She sure keeps Fawn and Casey on their toes! Their family is looking forward to summer and spending some time outdoors camping and boating. Hard to believe McKenna’s   already almost ready to graduate from Kindergarten.

Mike , Kim & Lauren just did a great spring break trip. It’s not often that leaving town for several days is an option, but they took full advantage of The Johnson Team resources. For over a week they traveled the  Oregon Coast down to San Francisco. While in Oregon they rode the sand dunes in Florence & saw the breathtaking beauty of the rugged coastline. On the way east leaving San Francisco they stopped in at the Sequoia   National Forest and saw General Sherman, the largest single stem tree on earth. The size is incredible. Next stop was Las Vegas to see family and absorb a little vitamin D. On the way home some golf was played in Boise Idaho. A long trip, but great family time was spent.

We love hearing your stories…so don’t hesitate to send us an email or give a call to bring us up to date on your family!


Johnson Team Real Estate’s Team Talk

team1bRich and Lylene have had a busy autumn, both in and out of the office. They live in a smaller, older home, so Lylene is always looking for ways to use space more effectively. The current project is a garage remodel, which has turned into a bigger task than anticipated (think of replacing trusses). It will be good to have it finished.

In December, they visited Graham in Bozeman, Montana (what a great town!) and spent 2 days with a guide in Yellowstone. The goal was to watch the wolves…which was the one animal that didn’t show up. It really didn’t matter – there was fresh snow, animals everywhere, and basically no other tourists in the park. It was one of those magical experiences, and they will go back another time to see the wolves.
Graham surprised them by coming home for a few days over Christmas; they walked, hiked, ate and just generally relaxed. Then he headed back to Bozeman for his next semester at MSU. He will be working on a research project dealing with composites as well as taking engineering classes.

Mike Kim & Lauren are excited about the new year. Lauren turned 12 in December, so now she is starting to feel like a Big Girl. The holidays were great toys for gift for Lauren are a thing of the past and now the preferred surprise in the wrapping paper .. is clothes! She is over 5’2” so we will see how long these will all fit. Kim has been busy taking down all the Holiday decorations and actually is quite excited for better weather to come our way this spring. New landscaping is on the bucket list for this year so plans are already being made. Mikes been fishing a little, and has had some luck. He really enjoys bringing fresh winter Chinook into the office and sharing with the co-workers.

Fawn , Casey and McKenna had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed the magic of having a 5 year old at Christmas. McKenna is half way through her go kart racing reason and even got 3rd place in her last race. Trophies have become her favorite show and tell item. Fawn and Casey had another addition to their “family” a 1956 Chevy Nomad that once belonged to Casey’s father. They have been working on some final restoration touches and how to have it on the road by spring.

Team Talk

As the summer comes to a close, Miker, Kim and Lauren are preparing for the windy days at Sandy Point. The boat is on the trailer and headed for storage. Kim has been getting out the decorations for Halloween- (one of her favorite decorating times) and making some great soups for the cool evenings. Lauren is in 6th grade and  playing volleyball. This is a new sport for her and the team seems to be having fun. Mike and Kim are big fans of the indoor games out of the rain.

Rich and Lylene have to admit that they are enjoying the rain after that long, hot summer, but it brought them more company than usual.  They watched whales and hiked Ptarmigian Ridge with Lylene’s family, enjoyed a visit from son Chandler (currently a resident of Norway), and hosted a family gathering with their Chinese family from Vancouver.  Lylene’s training schedule & Rich’s dance classes were often disrupted, but they still managed to take good care of the buyers and sellers you sent their way.

Graham had a great summer traveling through the West and finished first in two 100 mile endurance trail runs in Utah & Colorado.  He is settling in at MSU in Bozeman, Montana, starting his graduate work.  Rich & Lylene are going to spend a few days with him in December, and they are all going to visit the wolves in Yellowstone.  There will be a report on that encounter in the winter newsletter!

Fawn , Casey and McKenna had a fantastic summer and are enjoying the slower pace of Fall. McKenna started kindergarten this year at Irene Reither Elementary School. She just finished a mini cheer leading camp after which she informed her parents that “ it’s not her scene.” Sounds like she will be sticking to go karts and dirt bikes. She learned how to ride her dirt bike with no training wheels and she and her Mom have been riding lots of trails after school. Casey and Fawn are off to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in a couple weeks and looking forward to some sun and relaxation.

Hope you are enjoying the crisp air of autumn…and remember, it’s a great time to move…before the rains really start!