Crumbs for Africa

“The Johnson Team’s Truck is Again Used by the Community”
“Funds ase Raised to support “Crumbs for Africa”

We got the privilege of borrowing Rich’s wonderful moving van to help with a sale called “Crumbs for Africa”.  A dear friend of mine passed away, and her family gave us permission to use the estate to raise funds to support ministry in Africa that I (Janice) have been involved with.  So we needed to move the things from the home and put it at a location where it could be sold.  We’ll be having this sale Jan 28,29 and 30th


After going to Africa in 2007 and 2008, I cannot get the people and the ministries I worked with out of my mind.  The people are so dear and so precious, and their needs are so great.  The concept in my mind was that with the things that we no longer are using over here in our society, others could be cared for with basic needs.  Just like God takes care of the birds, by our crumbs He also takes care of people in the same way.  I have been provided for by crumbs too, and so in the same way, would like to be a facilitator to get help to other people who are in desperate need.  There are many people who are working behind the scenes to bring this about. 

 Thanks Rich, for being a big part of getting help to people in need.  We sure do appreciate that big beautiful moving van.  Thanks for lending it to us!  God bless you.

Janice Bigelow
Ken Bigelow
Jane Bosman
Mary Ann Young
Anna Clancy
Kristy Clark

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