Farmer’s Day Parade in Lynden this Saturday, June 4th!

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend the Lynden’s Farmers Day Parade is on Saturday June 4th starting at 10:30 am and usually concludes around 12noon! Get there early to get a good spot and don’t forget about all the shops that you can wander to after the parade. Lynden has lots of wonderful businesses both new and old including Lynden Dutch Bakery and The Mill.

Lynden is also celebrating its 125th Anniversary with a 125ft long strawberry shortcake built along Front Street. The shortcake will be available to sample to parade attendees. The Farmer’s Day Parade and the strawberry shortcake are a great way to celebrate Lynden’s history in agriculture.

If you have never been out to Lynden, you are sure to have a good time. It is obvious to a first time visitor that the early Lynden settlers must have had Dutch roots, because this charming town celebrates its history in everything from its architecture to its festivals. It is also obvious that people take pride in their town and their homes- I don’t believe that I have ever seen an unkempt Lynden yard. Lynden was founded by farmers and farming- particularly berries and dairies- still provide the basis for the town’s economy.

Lynden has also become a very popular retirement area as well as a place to live. Part of that can be explained by a golf course community called Homestead, which was well planned and executed across a broad spectrum of price ranges.  Lynden Real Estate  includes additional developments which have  maintained this quality and typically provided housing at a lower price range than comparable homes in Bellingham. Small wonder that Lynden has been the fastest growing city in Whatcom County since 1980.

Home to the Northwest Washington Fair and the Lynden Pioneer Museum, Lynden stays close to its agricultural roots and well as its religious roots. Lynden Christian High School is nearly as large as its public counterpart and the majority of the businesses are closed on Sunday.

Don’t miss out on all the fun!


  1. My cousin has been trying to get me to look at real estate in Lynden. Maybe I should – it looks very quaint and beautiful. I hear its a great retirment area, though I wonder how the weather will effect me.