Festive Winter Fun, Sledding at Mt. Baker

Sledding at Mt. Baker

Sledding at Mt. Baker

Looking for something fun to do this Winter?  You might consider going sledding. Although we have no snow in the lowlands of Whatcom County the Mt. Baker National Forest sure does, and lots of it.

Last week, my family and I made the trip up the Mt. Baker Hwy for a fun afternoon of sledding at Mt. Baker’s  Picture Lake.  There is no specific area in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest has been set aside for sledding, and it’s banned inside the Mt. Baker Ski Area.  You will see signs within the ski area advising you not to sled as it can pose a danger to skiers and snowboarders.

Unofficially, you can go just  outside the ski area’s boundaries to sled down the hills around the frozen lakes of Highwood Lake and Picture Lake. The area around Bagley Lake also is great area to check out.   That being said be sure and pay attention on warm days or years when there is little snow fall to be sure the lakes are frozen solid and ready for sledding.

Directions:Go east on state route 542 until you reach the Mt. Baker Ski Area. Park in the upper parking lot. Look for people carrying sleds or big tire tubes. You will find the lakes on your right hand side over the large snow banks. Little trails will be built in the snow bank to allow children and families to get up and over the banks and into the sledding area.


  1. amanda says:

    thank you sooo much! I read that sledding and tubing was banned at the mt baker ski area and thought that we couldnt go to that spot anymore. And with it being the weekend (and the day before I was planning to go there, naturally) I cant get ahold of ANYONE! Thanks again!

  2. Seven Oaks Austin says:

    Oh how I miss that. We had some awesome sledding and tubing hills in Alaska when I was a kid. Then we moved to New Hampshire and didn’t have much snow, but when we got it we were all over the hills. Thanks for bringing back some really great memories.