Garden Full? Call the Gleaners!

Share the Bounty!j0438442

Now is the time when all that gardening is finally paying off – in fact, it may be paying off too much.  If your garden is producing more than you can eat or preserve and friends are starting to hide when they see you coming with another gift of produce, perhaps it is time to share the wealth!

The Small Potatoes Gleaning Project operates under the umbrella of the Bellingham Food Bank, and they can move your extra food to folks who need it.  If you just have a little, you can simply drop it by the Bellingham Food Bank yourself.  If  you have more than you can handle, contact them and they will do the harvesting and delivery for you.  Call 739-5274 or email for further information or to line up a crew!


  1. Ashlee says:

    What an awesome way to help those in need!