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Lynden, Washington located in northeast of Bellingham has been named the 10th safest city in Washington according to Safewise. An absolutely gorgeous city surrounds but farmlands and framed with view of Mt Baker Lynden is a happening little town!

It is obvious to a first time visitor that the early Lynden settlers must have had Dutch roots, because this charming town celebrates its history in everything from its architecture to its festivals. It is also obvious that people take pride in their town and their homes. You would be hard pressed to find an unkempt Lynden yard. Lynden was founded by farmers and farming, particularly berries and dairies, still provide the basis for thThe Mill Outsdiee town’s economy.

Lynden has also become a very popular retirement area as well as a place to live. Part of that can be explained by a golf course community called Homestead, which was well planned and executed across a broad spectrum of price ranges. Additional developments have maintained this quality and typically provided housing at a lower price range than comparable homes in Bellingham. It is no small wonder that Lynden has been the fastest growing city in Whatcom County since 1980.

Home to the Northwest Washington Fair and the Lynden Pioneer Museum, Lynden stays close to its agricultural roots and well as its religious roots. Lynden Christian High School is nearly as large as its public counterpart and the majority of the businesses are closed on Sunday.

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