Mike’s “Reel Estate” Fishing Report for the San Juan Islands

FishingWhat an exciting year so far!

Typically the winter Chinook season has ended in February with the allotted amount of fish caught by then. This year- we are still able to be on the water. Admittedly it has not been as productive as years past but, there are still salmon to be had. It seems like 2015-2016 spoons seemed to be the hot ticket- now I find myself dragging herring in the hood and it seems to be productive. The fish we are catching seem to be bigger and have a lot of fight. We have been using the dodger style flasher with the bait trailing behind about 5 feet- when they hit it , what a fight. Pt Thompson has been the best so far for 2018 on the “Reel Estate”- not as many fish but teenage size which has been fun. With May around the corner- Ling Cod, Halibut and Spot Prawns will be in order. Refer to WDFW for specific dates but I hear they are much more favorable for the angler this year.

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