Preparing Your Home For An Earthquake

Bellingham eARTHQUAKEEven though this area has not had a major earthquake in over 30 years it does not mean that a big one can not come soon. It is important to be prepared for an earthquake to ensure the safety of you and your family should one hit in the future.

How well you, your family and your home survive an earthquake often depends an how well you prepared.  It’s important to develop a family and workplace earthquake plan. An emergency kit is always a great place to start. Items to include in a kit area non parishable food items, water and supplies including a flashlight, a portable, battery-operated radio, batteries, medicines, first aid kit, money and clothing. Don’t forget if you have small children or pets to also throw in special food items for them as well.

Below are some tips to get you and your home ready should an earthquake hit:

Earthquake Drill –  Choose an plan to exit the home should there be a quake. Go over places in the home that would be the safest.  You will also want to come up with an emergency meeting spot should you and your family become seperated during a quake.

Learn how to shut off gas, water and electricity – Learn where in your home the shut offs are located and how to turn them off should you ever need to.

Check home for stability. Make sure large items such as your water heater and major appliances are secure, as well as tall, heavy furniture, hanging plants, picture frames and mirrors (especially those over beds). Keep breakables, heavy objects, flammable or hazardous liquids(paints, pest sprays and cleaning products) in secured cabinets or on lower shelves.


  1. Realtor Agent says:

    Better prepared than sorry. Even kids in the family should be briefed on what to do in case of an earthquake. Sometimes we tend to forget simple survival tips that can be crucial. it is nice to be reminded again and again.

  2. vancouver real estate says:

    living on the west coast gives everybody something to talk about, and that is when is the big one coming. considering that everybody agrees on that we will get one now its just matter of time i find this to be great reminder. i think i got everything except gas. i have no idea where my gas switch is. worst thing is I didn’t even think of that until this post :(. i thought i was prepared.

  3. Mesa Homes For Sale says:

    Here in Arizona we do not really worry about earthquakes. However, checking homes for stability is a great tip no matter what. House fires or lightning strikes can do a lot more damage to a home as well as it’s residents if things like hazardous liquids are stored in dangerous places or things hanging one the walls are not secured and well thought out.