Since many of us are home right now, now is a great time some Spring Cleaning! Take this as an opportunity to tackle some of those essential annual deep cleaning tasks and banish the musty winter months from your home!

But, even if you’ve been diligent about cleaning your windows or dusting your ceiling fans every spring, there may still be important cleaning tasks that you’ve left off your list. This year, add these things to your to-do list so you can have a fresh living space to enjoy!

Bathroom — Deep cleaning the bathroom shouldn’t stop at scrubbing the toilet or wiping down the mirror. For example, when was the last time you cleaned out the exhaust fan? If it’s clogged up with dust, it’s less effective at venting the moisture created by steamy showers, which can lead to mold.This is also a good time to eliminate those hard water deposits that build up on your shower head and sink and tub faucets. Pro tip: White vinegar will take those right off! Finally, when was the last time you replaced your bath mat or your shower curtain liner? Spring cleaning is a great time to make sure none of your bathroom items are past their expiration dates.

Pantry — Most of us regularly clean out the fridge, but the pantry is also an important food storage area that needs occasional check-ins! Now is a good time to make sure all the food in your pantry is fresh by checking expiration dates. Don’t forget to check your spices and cooking oils as well!When was the last time you actually cleaned and disinfected your pantry? You’re storing food here, so make sure to occasionally wipe down those shelves with a food-safe cleaner.Finally, it’s time to reorganize for efficiency. Tidying expert Marie Kondo suggests organizing your possessions based entirely on how you use them, even if that violates common storage expectations. For example, if you always take your shoes off near the front door, then store your shoes near the front door — even if most people expect you to store them in your bedroom closet. By the same token, make sure the pantry items you use the most often are the most easily accessible.

Garage — Cleaning the garage can be a daunting task. Some people let their garage get so out of hand that they can’t even park their car in it! One way to make it feel more manageable is to break it down into sections and don’t expect yourself to get it all done in one day.Garages are often treated like the “junk drawer” of rooms: A place where you can throw anything that doesn’t have a home. To truly create a clean, organized space, you’ll need to ask yourself what actually belongs in the garage, versus what you put there because you didn’t know where else to put it. Creating space-efficient storage is essential in order to make sure your garage can fit both your car and the items you need to store. Shelving and pegboards are a great way to get items off of the floor. And remember, if you haven’t used it in a year, you might not actually need it.

Appliances — You can extend the lifespan of your appliances and keep them working well by taking good care of them! During your spring cleaning efforts, you probably already clean the oven, empty and wipe down the fridge, etc. But there are a few appliance upkeep tasks you might be skipping.If you want your washing machine to properly clean your clothes, make sure to clean your washing machine every once in a while! The same goes for your dishwasher. Cleaning your refrigerator coils will keep your fridge running efficiently and could prevent expensive repairs. If you’re not sure how to clean a certain appliance, or how often you should clean it, a simple “how to clean [appliance name]” search on Google will help you create a useful list.

Also, remember that even though spring cleaning is the popularly accepted time to deep clean your entire home, that doesn’t mean you have to do all of these things at once! If your spring cleaning list starts to get overwhelming, maybe it makes more sense for you to split annual tasks into seasonal to-do lists. Over time, you’ll learn what works best for you and your home!

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