Sinclair Island- A Hidden San Juan Island Get A Way

View of Lummis Island from Sinclair Island

View of Lummi Island from Sinclair Island

Living in the  area there are so many natural hidden treasures at your finger tips. So many natural retreats to take in the beautiful scenery this area has to offer.

One of my personal favorite Bellingham area get a aways is Sinclair Island. Sinclair Island is part of the San Juan Islands located off the coast of Skagit and Whatcom Counties. Sinclair Island is a small island only 1.586 square miles in size and home to only a handful of residents.

Cruise Ship in the San Juans

Cruise Ship in the San Juans

First discovered between 1838-1842 by the Wilkes Expeditionthe Island was named after Authur Sinclair a captain of a naval ship during the War of 1812. Sinclair has served as home to farmers, homesteaders,fir trappers and today is home to a small group of mostly seasonal residents and visitors who come to the island to enjoy the peaceful waterfront beauty it has to offer.

View from the plane ride to Sinclair Island

View from the plane ride to Sinclair Island

Sinclair Island is located 5 miles north of Anacortes off the tip of Cypress Island and is accessed only by plane or boat. There is a 45 ft public day dock located on the island’s East shore and the  airstrip is located on the Island’s Northwest side. While most of the Island is privately owned it’s a great place for a day trip to walk the local road and check out a remote San Juan Island away from the traffic, and hustle of the city. 

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  1. Richard Dillon says:

    Looks like a magnificent place for a waterfront vacation. It would be great if there’s more information on the property statistics here.

  2. sinclair says:

    ALL, not most of the island is private, which means no bathrooms available, or any aminitys at all. While you might walk the “county ” road, it only leads to private property.