The Snow is Falling! Do You Need Anything? If So, We Are Here for You!

Flakes are starting to fall outside!

With the cold conditions and more snow and wind in the forecast,we just wanted to check in on you and see if you need anything?

If you or any of your neighbors are in need during this winter weather, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone. We have a large list of local resources to assist you with frozen pipes, wind storm clean up and more!
Here are a couple tips to make sure your pipes don’t freeze in this weekend’s storm:
  • Make sure your crawl space vents are closed.
  • If you know your pipes are prone to freezing cover with foam insulation or consult an expert about heat tape installation.
  • Leave a small hot drip on your faucets, especially if they are on a outside wall.
  • Turn up your heat in the house. Maintain this heat the same throughout the day and night.
  • Plumbers recommend a home temperature of 65 degrees, for weather 35 and above, and then one degree more for every 5 degrees it drops outside.

Example: 35 degree temperature outside, 65 degrees inside your home

30 degree temperature outside, 66 degrees inside your home

10 degree temperate outside, 70 degrees inside your home

Stay safe and warm friends! Remember, we are here if you need ANYTHING!  
Call us today at (360) 303-2734 or email us at

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