Top Bellingham and Whatcom County Private Sector Employers

Bellingham's Largest Public Sector Employers WWUBellingham and Whatcom County as a whole, is blessed with a very diverse economy. The Bellingham Business Journal recently came out with their list of Whatcom County’s top public sectors employers based upon number of employees. While these large companies are wonderful, Whatcom County’s economic strength is also based on a myriad of smaller businesses, many of whom sell their products far from our borders but have chosen to operate here due to the quality of life and quality of employees who live in Bellingham and around the smaller suburban and rural towns of Whatcom County. The list of the largest private sector employers in Bellingham an Whatcom County was posted last week you can view it here.

Below you will find a list of the top five public sector employers in Whatcom County based on number of employees. To view the full list of the top twenty five employers visit The Johnson Team Top Whatcom County Public Employers Page.

Western Washington University
516 High St, Bellingham
(360) 650-3000
Number of Employees: 2,196

Bellingham School District
1306 Dupont St, Bellingham
(360) 676-2793
Number of Employees: 1,278

City of Bellingham
1306 Dupont St, Bellingham
(360) 778-8000
Number of Employees: 840

Whatcom County
311 Grand Ave, Bellingham
(360) 676-6700
Number of Employees: 838

Ferndale School District
6041 Vista Drive, Bellingham
(360) 383-9200
Number of Employees: 685

For the full list of the 25 largest employers in Bellingham and Whatcom Count visit the Johnson Team Top Public Sector Employers Page. If you are looking to transfer jobs to the Bellingham area The Johnson Team specializes in helping to make a job relocation easy. To search for real estate in the Bellingham area visit

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