What’s the Johnson Team Been Up To?

team1bWow – the past few months have been fast & furious for Lylene & I! Most noteworthy have been the times we have been able to connect up with our kids. Graham, as you may know, has moved to Hood River & is working with an engineering firm building drones for Boeing. Having driven there through the Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia traffic & surviving the journey, I told Lylene that the next time we go, we are flying to Portland & renting a car for the 1 hour drive to Hood River. It’s a sure sign of getting old I guess, but that drive is about as bad as it gets in my opinion. Anyway, once there (we have gone twice) we ate, laughed, hiked & joked our way through the week-end. One of our hikes took us to the Eagle Creek area, where the most recent Columbia Gorge forest fires began. While tragic in itself, perhaps it will help people understand how fragile this place we call home really is.
Chandler and Sophie are living in Norway & he is flying to all corners of the world so it’s hard to say exactly where he will be from one day to the next. That said, he called us up the other day & said “Hey, how about connecting up in London?” Of course it didn’t take much convincing on our part, so off we went. With Chandler in the lead, we explored it all – Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park – even got Lylene to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.
The unfortunate thing about both Chandler & Graham is that they remember “The Family Stories” & share them with great relish. Unfortunately, both their Mom & I, while maybe having vague recollections, can’t dispute all their claims with gusto.
We got back home just in time for Lylene to declare war on the poor mole that had been tearing up the lawn in our absence. Honestly, I think she tried every devise known to mankind, but to no avail. She even had a series of pinwheels strewn throughout the yard. Either the mole went into hibernation or got embarrassed with the whirling of the pinwheels & pulled up stakes, because there haven’t been any more telltale mounds of dirt in our yard. Oh well, if that is the extent of the drama at the Johnson household drama.

Mike, Kim And Lauren are already started out the fall season with trips all over the county. Lauren is in  now already in 8th grade at  Horizon Middle School. She competed in fast pitch  this year and have a great season with trips all over the county and lots of fun .  We are now switching gears and getting into Basketball season.  Parents love the indoor winter sports!

We managed to get in some great time on the boat last summer and early this fall before putting it into storage. It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already and the house already has its first set of holiday decoration set. Seems like this year just buzzed right by.

Fawn, Casey and McKenna probably had their busiest summer to date. McKenna competed in two racing series this year, quarter midgets at Skagit Speedway and Junior Sprints at Deming Speedway.  Her hard work and dedication paid off, she won the 2017 Season Championship in her class, winning 9 of the 11 races during the season. He sure keeps Casey and Fawn on their toes. The Morgans also completed lots of projects around their property this year, adding onto their shop, and doing landscape projects around the house.

From our family to yours we hope you have an amazing holiday season!